20 de julho de 2015

Suzy Lee e Shadows - uma espécie de making of

«When the book got published, it was great to hear the readers’ different ways of reading ‘Shadow’. Some said that you need to read it on your lap. If you place it at 90 degrees, the shadows look more convincing, as if they are cast on the floor.

Some said that you have to see both pages together to see the real and imaginary world at the same time.

Some said that you have to keep turning the book around. By rotating the book, you can even choose the part of the story that you want to see first. All methods of reading are possible because it’s a ‘book’.»

Vale mesmo a pena ler a descrição do processo criativo de Suzy Lee no belíssimo blogue Picturebook makers.
Quanto mais simples parecer melhor será o resultado, como comprovam os vários prémios que a ilustradora tem recebido.

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