18 de junho de 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS Diálogos com a Arte Journal

A Diálogos com a Arte está a pedir artigos para o próximo número até à segunda semana de outubro.

Nas palavras de Anabela Moura:

Dear All,
This is a new invitation for Diálogos com a Arte Journal http://www.ese.ipvc.pt/revistadialogoscomaarte
Next Topic is: The Arts of the Body and the Body of the Arts
Articles should not have more than 60.000 (About 20 pages) characters (include spaces), including diagrams, tables and bibliography. Contributions should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 1500 (about half A4)) characters and 3 or 4 key-words. The abstract should state the article’s goals, its principal contributions to the progress of knowledge, the methods employed and the main results and conclusions - 11 points Calibri font.
Figures, photographs and maps must be high resolution (no less than 300 dpi and 1024x768 pixels). Footnotes, numbers alone without brackets, should be continuous from the beginning to the end of the article; will be used to elucidate or attach additional information; must not be used for citing sources or making references.
Hope to receive some articles from you and your colleagues– We will be very happy and honoured,
Deadline is 2nd week of October. As soon as possible, send me the abstract, Key words short CV (3-4 lines) and photo
Warmest regards,
Anabela Moura 

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